Friday, January 20, 2006

We are crazy!!.......

Well, last week I mentioned to Mike that maybe we should enter the Vancouver Sun Run to set a goal to train for as he recently mentioned that he would be interested in running with me as I get back into shape after coming back from an injury. A couple of days later he sends me an email about an ad he heard on the radio and said setting a goal to do something like this (run a marathon in Iceland for Diabetes) would really motivate him to run with me!! I wasn't sure if he was crazy or what?......

At first I wasn't sure how serious he was, I know he's serious about the cause as it has impacted his families lives. But I wasn't sure how serious he was about taking on the task of training for a marathon. I was also a little aprehensive to jump on the wagon as I am just coming back from an injury and wasn't sure if I would ready to run a marathon by August or not. After further investigating I've realized that we can walk the event if necessary. I have completed 2 Half Marathons (one in August 2000 and one in February 2001). My second half marathon was a training run for me as I was leading up to completing a Full marathon in May of 2001; but my body had other plans for me and delayed my goal. Ever since then, it's been a goal for me to complete at least one Full Marathon in my life time. I'm also an adventurous spirit and love to travel and see new places. So after much discussion and having a few days to sit on the idea and let it soak in, I've jumped on the band wagon with Mike and we are setting out on an adventure of a lifetime! Training for a full marathon together (whether we walk or run....we'll get to the finish line together), seeing a new place together and raising money together for a very worthy cause that is very close to home. I think this will be very fulfilling and rewarding.

Today Mike faxed off our registration and it's official! I'm actually excited about this already. It will be a lot of hard work over the next 6 months of training, raising $ and I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun along the way, as we seem to have fun in everything we do.

Keep checking back and we'll keep you posted on how our training is going, successes and set backs, and how our fundraising is coming along. $12,000 combined total is a lot to raise....but hopefully everyone we know and then some will help us reach our goals.

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